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About IOPN Journals

IOPN Journals offers publishing services focused on open access journals and on a cross-disciplinary range of research areas and topics.

Who can use this service?

We offer journal publishing services to members of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign community and established, high-quality scholarly communities with strong disciplinary ties to the university. At least one member of the editorial board must be affiliated with the University of Illinois at the time the journal begins publication with IOPN. However, IOPN will maintain existing journals if those individuals are no longer affiliated or move to a different institution.

If you would like to propose a journal, please fill out our initial consultation form to discuss this with us.

IOPN journal publishing criteria:

We coordinate a basic set of services but do not reproduce the full-service model of commercial journal publishing. Our criteria is as follows:

  • One or more editorial board members are affiliated with the University of Illinois at the time the journal begins publication with IOPN
  • Published electronically as an open access journal on University of Illinois Library servers
  • Has main objective of publishing the results of advanced research and scholarly work by specialists for a readership of specialists or practitioners
  • Appears on a regular basis (annually, quarterly), including “rolling” publications (i.e., one volume per year with new articles appearing as they are ready)
  • Shows excellence and significance in content
  • Objectives and content should be distinct and meet a scholarly and/or practical need
  • Demonstrates rigor of the selection/editorial process
  • Encourages participation by both recognized and new researchers
  • Recognized in appropriate indexes after being in existence for three years
  • Has academically credible editorial management
  • Exhibits an overall presentation of high quality, that conforms to industry standards for typographic design
  • Publishes research material without unreasonable delay after favorable assessment
  • Includes references links to original material as often as possible
  • Has an author agreement in place or permission-to-publish form that deals with copyright, 3rd-party licensing, etc.